As we slide into 2020, you may be setting New Year’s Resolutions or Intentions for your personal lives, but what about for your business?

At Mailboxes Canterbury, we’ve been thinking about how brands can give a design injection to their business development and marketing with a fresh new brand!

Why rebrand?

Consumer trends and buying behaviours are moving quicker than ever, so the need to stay current and relatable to your target audience is essential.

Making sure that your brand is projecting the right image to the right audience is key to capturing the attention of the people most likely to buy from you, and ensuring they stay loyal too.

Three reasons to rebranding in 2020

1)    Staying current and connecting with new audiences:

Staying current and on trend is essential so, if you are in a fast moving market, especially in these Insta-lead times, doing some customer and competitor research, alongside some soul-searching for your brand, will pay dividends in business growth.

2)    Reflect new goals, products, offers or values:

If you’ve launched a new product, it is important that your brand reflects this (because, how else will people know?). A proactive and strategic rebrand should reflect the evolution of your brand and your products and services.

3)    Set yourself apart from your competitors:

If you’re in a crowded market or you’ve recently grown and are now competing with the big players, a rebrand is a smart way to set your company apart. By drawing out what is unique about your products and services, even if you are more expensive than your competitors, your brand perception will help you target your ideal clients and customers.

You can see how a fresh, new brand can help you reach new customers, stand apart from your competitors, and highlight what’s unique about your business. This, in turn, helps to drive new enquiries and eventually new business and income growth.

How we rebranded Dello Data Analytics

In 2018 local business owner, Lucia Dello launched a new business, Dello Data Analytics, providing analytics products and services.

Lucia said: “I was really happy with the branding and design work that Mailboxes Canterbury had done for my bookkeeping business, The Analytical Bookkeeper, so I asked them to design a logo, business card and a 3-fold leaflet for my new venture.”

Lucia gave the team a brief on the colours she preferred and informed us she wanted the brand to be contemporary, memorable and unique, with clean lines. She shared some images of business logos featuring keys with the idea that this would fit with her strapline ‘Unlock the value within your data’.

“MBE Canterbury really listened to my ideas,” Lucia stated. “Within a few days they sent me eight different logos. One of these was a simple line design which I really liked, so I told them this was my preferred option and asked them to refine the design.

“Dave, the Mailboxes Canterbury designer, promptly sent over a series of design options showing ways to enclose my name, alter the width of the bar, change the key’s teeth and to play further with the colours,” she continued.

Together, Lucia and Dave finalised the logo in real-time, based on her preferences and his inputs on the visuals.

Once the logo was finished, Lucia asked us to design and print new business cards and a 3-fold leaflet. “3-fold leaflets are quite challenging, so Dave guided me through the technical requirements.”

Lucia concluded: “I have received compliments about how professional and distinctive my logo, business cards and leaflet are.  This is thanks to Mailboxes Canterbury following my brief and adding their design expertise and attention to detail to produce a brand that I’m really proud of.”

“Mailboxes Canterbury are a pleasure to work with and are a great local business offering fantastic value-for-money.”

What should you consider before rebranding?

There are some key things that you need to consider before rebranding:

1)    What is your company objective/goal?

2)    Who is your target audience?

3)    Are you targeting your existing client base or trying to attract new customers?

4)    What are your company’s brand values and core message?

5)    Do you have the time to do this yourself, or should you hire outside expertise?

Rebranding is an important exercise for the evolution of your business. So, if you are looking to rebrand or are just looking to tweak certain aspects of your company’s visual identity or marketing, contact us at for a chat.