Rent a Mailbox in Canterbury

You’re busy running your business and your personal life, so let us take care of your mail, packages and deliveries. Visit us today to open a mailbox at Mail Boxes Etc. Canterbury.

With our Mailboxes services, you get a lot more than just a box with a key. You get convenience, a secure location for storing your mail and packages and other services to help you run your business and life more efficiently. Not to mention friendly and helpful staff to look after your items.

Personal mailbox rental

You get a safe and secure mailing address for your private mail and packages. We accept items from all known couriers – let us sign for your urgent deliveries and you can collect from us at a time that suits you! A Personal mailbox is the ideal solution with up to two individual names included in the price.

A Personal mailbox is designed and priced to handle private mail and parcels only and cannot be used for business purposes. A perfect solution for those in shared accommodation or for people who travel a lot – we’ll keep your items safe and secure until you are ready for them.

For more information on our Personal Mailboxes click here.

Business mailbox rental

With our Business mailboxes, you get a professional ‘high street’ business address available with up to 4 business or individual names included (or a mix of the two), from which to collect your mail and packages, and we’ll sign for parcels from any carrier. A great option for small businesses or online shops who work from home, and don’t want to give out their personal address.

Buy online today and use our address to boost your business!

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