Business Cards are still the Business!

The humble Business Card. A simple little device that can often say much more about your business than these endearing little items show! Business cards have stood the test of time in the quest to help businesses, large and small, to leave a lasting impression in the hands and minds of a new client or customer.

In an age of combined social media online business presence, it’s far too easy to put out the generic feelers to potential customers Countrywide through online advertising. But real business, personal business, is done face to face. This means it’s just as important to think about your offline presence and have it looking as sharp as your online presence, and this is where the Business Card comes into play.

Good business is fuelled by successful networking. Whether this is through dedicated network events, or simply speaking to potential customers face to face in your store or at an event stall, you’ll want to have something simple that you can hand over after an interaction to remind a person of who you are and what you do. With a Business Card at hand, you’ve got the perfect tool to deliver this.

You’ll want to have a card that represents your business. Clean cut, informative and striking enough to impress. Think of your Business Card as a pocket salesperson for your business – you’ll want it to be reliable and smart and speak for your company in your absence. From the choice of font and layout, to the stock of the card and it’s finish, there’s a lot to think about so as to deliver the right message, and here at Mail Boxes Canterbury ‘Business Cards’ is our game.

We have various solutions to get you the perfect card for the job, including a luxury “Soft-Touch” velvet feel to the finish, Spot UV which offers embossed layers to your selected elements on the card, and even 100% recycled card for the eco-conscious businesses out there.  And if you don’t have your own artwork to use, we can help with your design too!

Business Cards are one of our most popular items and here are a few ideas that we have recently designed:

  • Double-Sided cards with company logo and info on the front, and a map with custom markers on the back.
  • Double-Sided cards with company logo and info all embossed on the front, with soft-touch finish, and services listed on the back.
  • Folded Double-Sided cards with company logo on front, contact info on the back, and a grid for appointments on the inside. These double up as business cards and appointment cards in one easy design!

The beauty of Business Cards is that you can wow people with great design that fits right into your pocket or wallet. Get in touch now and lets discuss the perfect solution for you, today.