Don’t worry, we’ve got your back!

Dissertations, am I right? They are a source of great stress and frustration for students. But just think, it’s almost over!

Right now, you’ve probably just finished another 8 hour all-nighter in the computer room, you’ve been bashing the caffeine since 12am and words have stopped making sense to you. You’ve put your heart and (what’s left of) your soul into hours of tapping away at the computer, but you feel like no matter how much you do, it’s just not enough.

Whatever stage of your final dissertation you are at right now, one thing for certain is that when it’s finally finished you can rely on us to present it perfectly.  At Mail Boxes Canterbury, we’re here to make your life easier, and our professional printing and binding service will deliver just the solution you need.

Don’t leave anything to chance – you want to guarantee you’ll meet that deadline, but relying on those old library printers or standing in the eternal queue at the University print centre is a fast-track to inducing last-minute panics.

Instead, come and talk to us, or complete our online quote request and we’ll get back to you with the perfect solution.

You can choose from a range of binding styles, including comb, wire, metal or hard back, and don’t worry if you’ve left it to the last minute – we offer fast yet efficient turnarounds!

Here at Mail Boxes Canterbury, we’ll help you get that dissertation mastered!